Customer satisfaction Index


Peter Cheales (1994:98) puts it as follows: “If you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it”.
One of the key elements that makes Toyota SA’s TOUCH strategy so successful is the fact that they gather information from customer satisfaction surveys and after analysing the data, they are able to implement strategies to improve customer relation. The feedback from customers is used to improve service levels.
Since 1980’s Toyota has remained the market leader in the South African motor vehicle market, for example. The customer satisfaction index was converted from something abstract to real valuable data.

Analysing a case: WESBANK CSI
In 1994 the south african Bank WESBANK decided to implement customer satisfaction surveys to measure their impact on their customers, and learn from them experiences. The recolected data was analysed and it deliver some important data:
1. Staff’s knowledge of products and services was good
2. Their staff was professional
3. They gave enough and good advice
4. Customers apretiated the clarity of WESBANK documentation

Although most of the data recolected showed good feedback from their customers, the bank still decided to implement some improvement in certain areas, to strength customer loyalty.

It is thus obvious that customer’s perception of an organisation is of vital importance and plays a key role in the success of a company.

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