About Us ★


Just a little bit about us…

WHO are Rachel and Javiera?

We are two masters students (American and Chilean, respectively) studying Global
E-business at Université Lille 1 in Lille, France, who have decided to research the
importance of customer ratings online as a part of our Competitive Intelligence
curriculum. What’s a better way than to share our findings with all of you?

As official non-experts, we look forward to your comments and reactions to blog posts.

WHY we are researching:

– Customer ratings play a large role in your decision to buy a product or service in
today’s market
More information about products is available at your fingertips than ever before,
and in part thanks to customer ratings

WHAT we are looking for:

– The way people use customer ratings, wordwide
– How consumer ratings affect the choices other consumers make
– How companies are affected by consumer ratings
– How companies (or individual sellers) react to consumer ratings
– How important are customer ratings, really?
– Individual cases of positive or negative customer ratings, that influenced, or not,
– other consumers’ choices or companies’ choices

WHERE we will look:

– Secondary resources: blogs, articles, websites, and anything else published in the
online universe
– Primary resources: the customer ratings themselves, responses (or the absence
thereof) from companies and individual sellers, databases, Change Detect and
Wayback Machine to detect changes on websites…

WHO we are looking for:

– Consumers that get online and rate products and services
– Companies and sellers that react both well and horribly to those ratings

HOW we will go about this project (our methodology):

– We will blog once a week or every other week on a topic or specific case related
to customer ratings online
– We hope to interact and discuss with visitors via their comments


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