Customer Rating Online ★★★




Customer Ratings Online

Our goal is to investigate the importance of consumer ratings of products and services
online. Today, consumers have a large quantity of information at their disposal
concerning products and services online. Not only can they find information about a
product or service from the company or vendor itself, but they are also able to access
information about other consumers’ opinions of and experiences with the product
specifically, and the company more generally.

This open and frank dialogue via the internet has changed companies’ relationships with
their customers – the consumer is no longer alone in making a decision about a good,
but is instead a part of a larger conversation with the global community online about the
quality of the service they receive and how things could or should be improved.

Of course, customer ratings are not only used to rate the products of large companies, but
are also employed in C2C markets like on Amazon, Ebay, etc. Thanks to these markets,
the C2C market is booming.


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